Mac Video Record using Jaksta for Mac

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Mac Video Capture Record using Jaksta for Mac


Mac Video Capture Software

Download YouTube videos (and more) by simply installing Jaksta for Mac:


Mac Video capture software program.


This excellent application will download video, record audio, and become all of the popular formats, including MP3, apple iphone/ipod device/iPad, MPEG-4, Home windows Media and much more.
Mac Video Capture Software

Mac Video Capture – Jaksta for Mac

Download and Convert Web Video and Music

The Best Mac Video Capture Software Movies Online Recorder and Ripper

Find, Download and Convert video, music and radio
from popular sites for example:

  • YouTube™
  • Metacafe™
  • Pandora™
  • Yahoo!™ Music
  • Project PlayList™
  • and many more!


Mac Video Capture High-speed HTTP Downloads (As much as 10 x normal)

Supports all common stream formats – Currently Available

Mac Video Capture Software

FLV, RTMP, RTMPE, RTMPT, RTSP, ICECAST, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Wmv file, ASF, MP3, MP4, SWF

Instantly converts downloads into formats appropriate for media gamers including apple ipods, apple iphones

Zunes, PSPs and cell phones

Installing Audio and video in your Mac hasn’t been faster and much easier!

Once monitoring, Jaksta for Mac will identify and start to download (and convert if needed) any video, music, radio stream or Expensive game or presentation that’s performed inside your browser. Mac Video Taking hasn’t been so simple, or affordable!

Using it’s carefully updated Mac Video Capture technology,  Jaksta for Mac can download from supported sites streaming via HTTP at as much as 10 x normal speed which makes it the quickest Stream Media Recorder available.

Mac Video Capture is simple, Don’t believe us?

Click The Link to test it free of charge before you purchase it!

Jaksta props up biggest quantity of streaming methods obtainable in a downloader today. There’s you don’t need to even still take part in the stream inside your browser. Jaksta produces its very own connection where possible leaving you to definitely continue browsing. This enables you to definitely record multiple streams at the same time, without getting the annoyance of multiple movies or music streams open inside your browser at the same time – everyone knows how annoying That may be!

Where Jaksta picks up guaranteed streams it’ll record the stream because it plays inside your browser. This guarantees you adhere to any copy protection systems a website has employed.

The quickest HTTP Movies Online Recorder!

Jaksta for Mac can download from supported HTTP sites at as much as 10 x normal download speeds. Actual speeds acheived rely on your network connection and also the capacity from the servers streaming the media.

With only 3 minutes of HD video consuming twenty to thirty Megabytes a quick and reliable download is needed. Jaksta is both fast and reliable.

If you are searching to to complete Mac Video Capture together with your Mac, take a look at Jaksta for Mac Video Capture – get began now!

Check it out FREE – or purchase it now while using link below. Mac Video Capture has become as simple as 1, 2 Record.

Mac Video Capture Software

Mac Video Capture – Download Now

Mac Video Capture Software Introduced for you by Jaksta for Mac, Mac Video Recorder.

Download and Convert Web Video and Music

The Best Movies Online Recorder and Ripper tools with Mac Video Capture Software!



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